Ice Cream Scoop

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Walfos  mechanical ice cream scoop made of premium stainless steel - the perfect tool to use as a cookie/ice cream scoop or melon baller.

A great kitchen tool to make uniform sized balls, in a very comfortable and easy way. Make perfect ice cream balls easy and smoothly. No more messy spoons

made of high quality stainless steel to ensure hygiene and durability, with a fine polished, glossy surface, which resists rust and bend. 

This useful kitchen tool is equipped with trigger release for an easy and simple use. Thanks to the innovative cog-and-ratchet scoop with release system the scoop glides easily and does not require intense effort.
Thoughtfully designed with identical handles, this ergonomic scoop fits comfortably in the left or right hand.

Ideal for creating ice cream balls, cookie dough balls, muffins, sorbet, meatballs, mashed potatoes or scooping melon.

This ice cream scoop is available in three different sizes:

  • Length: 23 cm / Scoop diameter: 6 cm
  • Length: 22 cm / Scoop diameter: 5 cm
  • Length: 21 cm / Scoop diameter: 4 cm

Attention: do not use them on hard things!

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