Mini Digital Scale

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Accurate digital scale with two trays (a small and a large one) for an easy and efficient measuring. Use this digital scale to measure the right weight of ingredients for an ideal cooking and baking.

This multifunctional scale is able to weigh in various measurements, making it perfect for all your weighing needs! Weighs in g, oz, ct, and gn. Whether you are weighing this scale has the right measurements for you!

The scale is very precise, works with a 0.01 g refined accuracy (you can get accurate weight of jewelry, medicine or other small items), up to a maximum weight range of 500 g.

The scale is equipped with LCD display with blue blacklight.

This scale is small and slim, is easy to carry and store. 

Package includes:

  •  1 Digital scale
  •  1 Big tray
  •  1 Small tray
  •  English manual

Display Type: LCD
Power Supply: 2*AAA batteries (not included!)
Size: 12.5 cm * 10.5 cm * 1.8 cm

Accuracy: 0.01 g
Maximum capacity: 500 g

Operation instruction:

Place the scale on flat surface.

Press [ON/OFF] to switch on

Press "M" to unit conversion when 0.0 or 0.00 is shown on the LCD

Place the goods on the scale!



Do not operate the scale beside computer or someplace with high radiation.

Remember to take off the batteries when you don't use it for a long time.

Don't store the scale in humid environment.

Clean the scale when it's necessary.


Please allow 7-14 days for shipping.