Lovely Letter and Number Biscuit Stamp

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Create fun biscuits and cookies with your own messages! Simply slide the letters into the holder to form a name or special messages, then press it into the cookie dough! 

This letter stamp is easy and fun to use, also is lightweight and easy to clean. This cake decorating tool is made of durable plastic.

The set includes 54 letters and 18 numbers from 0 - 9 ( the two 6's double up as 9's) and a groove (the blue letter holder).

This lovely letter and number stamp is perfect for personalising biscuits or stamping names in fondant icing. The stamp also has the perfect font size for cupcakes. This cute mould is ideal to decorate fondant cakes, sugar paste, petal paste, marzipan or even craft clays.

How to use:

1. break all the letters apart, if necessary trim them to fit into the groove. Make sure you cut all the connecters off, so the spaces between the letters are equal.

2. slide the letters or numbers into the groove

3. press the stamp into your cookie dough

Once the letter blocks are trimmed into size to fit the groove, the stamp is very easy to use. 



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